The first newspaper I ever saved was: 1976 Jul 4 (News American - Baltimore) "City Celebrates A Birthday" nation's first 200 years. At one point I had thousands of categorized newspapers, eventually reducing and consolidating my collection to the 300+ listed below. Since I stopped collecting 10+ years ago, I have only saved a few select newspapers.

If you see an *A after the SECTION, I am trying to get the newspaper autographed. If I have more than one copy, quantity will be listed under #. If you see JPG in the last column, click for an image of headline page. More images will be added.


All newspapers are from San Diego unless noted and if no section showing, I have the entire paper. If Main and Sports, both headlines will be shown

1941 Dec 7 Page (The Sun - Baltimore) "JAPS DECALRE WAR ON U.S., Honolulu, Manila Bombed, NAVAL BATTLE OF HAWAII"
1944 Mar 11 Main (The Sun - Baltimore) "Russians Rout 14 Enemy Divisions, Kill 20,000 Nazis"    Note: in extremely poor condition
1944 Jun 6 Main (The Baltimore News-Post) "INVASION ARMY FIGHTING IN CAEN, 9 MILES INLAND"    Note: in extremely poor condition
1944 Jun 6 Pages (The Sun - Baltimore) "ALLIES LAND IN FRANCE" JPG
1944 Jun 15 Page (The Baltimore News-Post) "U.S. B-29'S BOMB JAPAN, GIANT PLANES 1ST RAID" JPG
1945 Apr 13 Main (The Baltimore News-Post) "NATION MOURNS" franklin delano roosevelt passes away    Note: in extremely poor condition
1945 May 4 Main (The Baltimore News-Post) "YANK 5TH, 7TH ARMIES JOIN IN BRENNER PASS"    Note: in extremely poor condition
1945 May 8 Pages (The Sun - Baltimore) "The War With Germany Is Over; King George Sends Eisenhower His Congratulations On Victory"
1947 Feb 21 (Fort Meade Post)
1949 May 25 (Fort Meade Post)
1954 Nov 7 Insert (The Sun Magazine - Baltimore) "February 7, 1904" 50 years since the great baltimore fire
1958 Feb 18 Main (The Baltimore News-Post) "Drama, Suffering, Heroism Mark Storm"
1958 Mar 21 Main, Sports (The Evening Sun - Baltimore) "100,000 HOMES WITHOUT POWER; MORE SNOW FLURRIES DUE HERE" / "Cleveland Bosses See First Division Finish" minnie minoso, milt pappas and ted williams are mentioned in sports
1963 Nov 23 Main (The Sun - Baltimore) "Kennedy Murdered By Dallas Sniper; Johnson Sworn In As 36th President; Congressmen Stunned; World Mourns"
1974 Aug 9 Main (The Sun - Baltimore) "NIXON RESIGNS"
1974 Aug 9 Main (The News American - Baltimore) "President Ford Sworn In"
1976 Jul 4 (News American - Baltimore) "City Celebrates A Birthday" nation's first 200 years
1978 Sep 26 Main "150 Die As 2 Planes Collide, Crash Into San Diego Homes" crash of pacific southwest airlines flight #182 JPG
1979 Oct 3 Sports "O-R-I-O-L-E-S" orioles are al east champions
1979 Oct 4 Sports "Birds, Angels tied, 3-3, after 7" palmer and ryan duel in alcs game 1
1979 Oct 12 Sports "Bucs nip Birds in 9th, 3-2, to even World Series at 1-1" world series game 2
1979 Oct 13 Sports "Birds win, 8-4, for 2-1 Series lead" world series game 3
1980 Feb 23 "U.S. Hockey Team Defeats Soviets" lake placid olympics
1981 Nov 12? Main "Shuttle Flies On Despite Fuel cell Malfunction" second test flight of the space shuttle columbia sts-2
1982 Mar 23 "Columbia Flight Is Off To A Successful Start For 3rd Space Mission" space shuttle columbia sts-3
1982 Mar 30 Main "Shuttle Landing Postponed By Sandstorm" space shuttle columbia sts-3 will land today
1982 Mar 31 "Shuttle Lands; A Day Late But Not A Bit Short" space shuttle columbia sts-3 landing, first and only landing at white sands, nm
1982 Jul 5 "Shuttle's Landing Launches A New U.S. Space Policy" space shuttle columbia's fourth and final test flight
1982 Nov 12 "Picture perfect" space shuttle columbia's first working flight
1983 Jan 31 Main, Sports "Redskins Use Defense To Win Super Bowl" / "Redskins Defy Odds With A Super Finish" super bowl xvii, miami dolphins vs washington redskins
1983 Feb 27 "Queen And Thousands Delight In Royal Visit"
1983 Feb 28 "The Royal Visitors Bid Farewell
1983 Apr 5 "Shuttle, Smoothly In Orbit, Launches A Giant Satellite" first flight of the space shuttle challenger
1983 Apr 10 "Challenger Glides In; Superb, Says NASA" space shuttle challenger sts-6 returns from first flight
1983 Jun 19 Main "Challenger's Mission Off To Fine Start" space shuttle challenger sts-7, sally ride becomes first american woman in space
1983 Jun 25 Main "Shuttle Is Back; Fun Trip, Says Ride" space shuttle challenger sts-7
1983 Oct 17 Sports "Birds blank Phils, win Series in 5" baltimore orioles win 80th world series
1983 Nov 17 Sports "Ripken American League MVP" baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr. becomes first major leaguer to win rookie and mvp awards in consecutive seasons
1983 Nov 29 Main "Shuttle takes Spacelab aloft on schedule" space shuttle columbia sts-9
1983 Dec 9 Main "Shuttle back, late but safe, with treasure" space shuttle columbia sts-9
1984 Apr 11 Main, San Diego "Challenger retrieves errant satellite" space shuttle challenger sts-41c, first satellite rescue by astronauts
1984 Nov 15 Main "2nd satellite rescued by happy crew" space shuttle discovery sts-51a, first retrieval and return of satellites from earth orbit
1985 Apr 13 "Discovery flies steady for senator" space shuttle discovery sts-51d, first flight in space with a sitting politician
1985 Sep 4 Pages "Shuttle ends near-perfect space mission" space shuttle discovery sts-51-i
1985 Oct 31 Main "Challenger in orbit with world's largest space crew" space shuttle challenger sts-61a, last successful mission before loss
1985 Nov 27 Pages Blast" space shuttle atlantis sts-61-b lifts off
1986 Jan 29 "Shuttle explosion kills crew of seven; space flights are put on hold for probe" space shuttle challenger sts-51l explodes 73 seconds after liftoff
1986 Feb 14 Main "Photos show smoke from Challenger" space shuttle challenger sts-51-l investigation
1986 Mar 10 Main "Wreckage of shuttle cabin found by divers" space shuttle challenger sts-51-l
1986 Apr 10 (USA TODAY) "Experts: 7 didn't suffer" space shuttle challenger sts-51-l investigation
1986 Dec 24 (Reno Gazette-Journal) "The Fantastic Voyager" first non-stop flight around the world without refueling
1987 Feb 8 "New home for Auld Mug" dennis conner wins, brings america's cup to san diego
1987 Apr 7 Sports (Reno Gazette-Journal) "Leonard upsets Hagler" sugar ray leonard becomes the 10th fighter to win world title in three weight divisions
1987 May 18 Main "Navy frigate hit by Iraqi missle" 2
1987 Dec 8 Main (The Tribune - San Diego) "Reagan, Gorbachev sign historic treaty" treaty to scrap medium-range nuclear missles
1987 Dec 8 Main (Los Angeles Times) "PSA Plane From L.A. Crashes; All 44 Dead" crash of pacific southwest airlines flight #1771
1988 Jan 31 Sports "SUPER BOWL XXII" san diego's first super bowl
1988 Feb 1 "Washington just Super, 42-10" super bowl xxii, washington redskins vs denver broncos
1988 Apr 9 "The smiles are few in last adieu to PSA" pacific southwest airlines' corporate sign taken down from headquarters JPG
1988 Apr 9 "Reagan, Gorbachev sign historic treaty" treaty to scrap medium-range nuclear missles
1988 May 12 Main "Aircraft arrive for big show" was supposed to be held every even year in san diego when paris air show was in hiatus, never held again *have program
1988 May 13 San Diego "Officials to preview air show today" was supposed to be held every even year in san diego when paris air show was in hiatus, never held again *have program
1988 Oct 3 "Cheers greet shuttle landing" space shuttle discovery sts-26r returns from first flight since space shuttle challenger lost
1988 Nov 8 Sports "KO in 9th gives Leonard historic win" sugar ray leonard becomes the first fighter to get titles in five classes
1989 Jul 18 Main "Successful first flight for the stealth bomber" JPG
1989 Jul 31 "Valdez finally docks at NASSCO" ran aground march 24 in prince william sound spilling hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil
1989 Nov 10 "East Germany opens Berlin Wall" JPG
1989 Dec 20 Main "U.S. sends troops after Noriega"
1989 Dec 31 last day of the decade
1990 Jan 10 Pages "Successful launch" space shuttle columbia sts-32
1990 Jan 11 Pages "Maiden flight" mcdonnell douglas md-11 takes off
1990 Apr 25 "Telescope perfect after launch" space shuttle discovery sts-31 lifts off with hubble space telescope
1990 Apr 26 "Hubble telescope begins its mission" begins 15 year mission after successful release
1990 Aug 1 Sports "RYAN EXPRESS HITS 300" texas rangers' nolan ryan joins 300 win club
1990 Oct 3 Main "World views rebirth of Germany" after 45 years east germany and west germany become one germany
1990 Oct 7 Pages "Solar explorer" space shuttle discovery sts-41 lifts off
1990 Oct 11 Pages "Discovery touches down after a successful 4-day flight in space" space shuttle discovery sts-41
1991 Jan 17 "WAR! Iraq pounding continues" liberation of kuwait begins
1991 Feb 24 Main "Massive allied attack" land assault
1991 Feb 28 Main "Cease-fire" kuwait is liberated
1991 Apr 12 Pages "Shuttle Atlantis gets windy welcomne home" space shuttle atlantis sts-37 returns
1991 Apr 29 Pages "Problems keep Discovery's astronauts busy" space shuttle discovery sts-39 lifts off
1991 Aug 19 "Gorbachev is overthrown"
1991 Aug 22 Main "Coup fails; Gorbachev back"
1991 Aug 23 Main "Gorbachev: Faster reforms"
1991 Sep 6 Main "Soviet deputies yield power" landslide vote ends 74 years of lenin theory
1991 Dec 5 Business "Pan Am folds its wings" the original pan am JPG
1991 Dec 22 Main "USSR now a commonwealth" 11 republics replace former soviet union JPG
1991 Dec 26 Main "Soviet rule ends with Gorbachev"
1992 Jan 23 Pages "SUCCESSFUL DISCOVERY LIFTOFF" space shuttle discovery sts-42
1992 Jan 24 Insert "America's Cup/92 Guide" san diego hosts the America's Cup
1992 Feb 2 "A NEW BEGINNING" COMMEMORATIVE EDITION san diego union and san diego tribune now one paper
1992 May 14 Main "Brute force snags satellite" space shuttle endeavour sts-49, first flight of endeavour, first 3 person extravehicular activity
1992 May 17 Main, Sports "Cheers³ for America³" / "The Cubens light up their Havanas" bill koch wins, america's cup staying in san diego
1992 Nov 9 Sports The Back Page "LONG LIVE The King's Contribution" richard petty's last nascar race next weekend
1992 Nov 16 Sports "Petty's fiery exit is accidental" richard petty's last nascar race
1992 Nov 18 Sports "Trading heavy on day of draft" mlb expansion draft, colorado rockies and florida marlins are new teams
1993 Jan 4 Sports "Sunday resurrections" buffalo bills' rally from 35-3 is largest in nfl history
1993 Jul 14 Sports "World of motor racing mourns death of driver Davey Allison"
1993 Dec 8 Sports "MARSHALL MOVES ON" san diego state aztecs' marshall faulk will apply for the nfl draft
1993 Dec 11 Main "Repairs complete, Hubble is set free" space shuttle endeavour sts-61
1993 Dec 13 Pages "Endeavour is back home after Hubble scope repair" space shuttle endeavour sts-61 rerturns to earth
1994 Jan 18 "QUAKE CRIPPLES L.A." northridge earthquake was 6.6
1994 Apr 25 Sports "Colts not 'crazy', tab Aztecs' Faulk 2nd pick in draft"
1994 Aug 2 Sports (Times Advocate - Escondido) "Playing through" baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr. played game 2000
1994 Sep 1 "IRA declares cease-fire" violence ends in northern ireland JPG
1994 Sep 5 Sports "Faulk has smashing debut" marshall faulk played three quarters, 143 yards and three touchdowns JPG
1994 Sep 17 Main "$7 MILLION ROCKET MAN" test of new jet pack in first untethered spacewalk in 10 years JPG
1995 Apr 20 Main "TERROR IN THE HEARTLAND" oklahoma city bombing kills 168 JPG
1995 Jun 28 Main (The Sun - Baltimore) "Shuttle Atlantis blasts off toward Mir" space shuttle atlantis sts-71, first shuttle-mir docking JPG
1995 Sep 6 Sports, Special (The Washington Post) "Ripken Reaches Magic Number" with COMMEMORATIVE SECTION baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr. played game 2130 JPG
1995 Sep 7 "The new Iron Horse" baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr. played game 2131 4
1995 Sep 7 (The Washington Post) "History Embraces Ripken" baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr. played game 2131
1996 Apr 17 Sports "70! Bulls make history; now must deal with best ever question" chicago bulls set the nba record for most regular-season wins 2
1996 Jun 15 Sports "Ripken now world's most durable player with 2,216 straight" baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr.s breaks consecutive game record held by japan's sachio kinugasa
1996 Jun 27 Sports "Trade talk overshadows picks" high school phenom kobe bryant drafted 13th overall by the charlotte hornets
1996 Jul 10 Sports "Piazza, pitching carry NL" 67th mlb all-star game
1996 Jul 16 Sports "It's official: Ripken now at third base"
1996 Aug 28 Sports "It's done: Tiger takes on the pros" tiger woods confirms he has turned pro
1996 Aug 29 Sports "Babe in the Woods" tiger woods makes his professional debut today
1996 Oct 7 Sports "Woods gets his first pro victory"
1996 Oct 26 Wheels "EV1 General Motors charges into the electric car race" second car manufacturer to sell electric car (ford) in july), will begin selling next month
1996 Oct 27 Sports "A BRONX BOMBSHELL" world series, new york yankees vs atlanta braves 2
1996 Dec 16 Main "Boeing to buy McDonnell Douglas for $13.3 billion, form powerhouse" JPG
1997 Apr 14 Sports "TIGER'S MASTERPIECE" tiger woods is youngest winner in his first masters
1997 Apr 30 Main "Astronaut, cosmonaut take first U.S.-Russia tandem walk in space" five hours spent outside russian space station mir
1997 Jul 1 "China moves in as British depart" china takes control over hong kong after 156 years of british colonial rule
1997 Jul 5 Main "Pathfinder bounces to a successful landing on Mars" it's rover sojourner was first to operate outside the earth-moon system JPG
1997 Aug 14 Special (Navy Compass) "NAS MIRAMAR AIR SHOW FIGHTERTOWN'S FINAL FLIGHT last year as navy base, will transition to marines *have program
1997 Aug 31 Main "ROYAL TRAGEDY" princess diana killed in paris car crash
1997 Sep 6 Main "The world in mourning" mother teresa passed away
1997 Oct 19 Main (The Bakersfield Californian) "Clear skies greet all at Edwards air show" 50th anniversary of chuck yeager being the first to break the sound barrier, will re-create first sonic boom
1997 Nov 19 Sports "Expansion clubs draft youngsters, trade for veterans" mlb expansion draft, arizona diamondbacks and tampa bay devil rays are new teams
1997 Dec 22 Sports "2,000 yards" detroit lions' barry sanders becomes third nfl player to rush for 2000 yards in a season
1998 Jan 26 Main, Sports "WHAT A GAME!" / "MILE HIGH" super bowl xxxii, denver broncos vs green bay packers
1998 Jun 15 Sports "Repeat threepeat" chicago bulls win 6th championship
1998 Sep 9 "62 The big bang" mcgwire breaks maris' home run record *steriods? 2
1998 Sep 14 "Slammin' Sammy ties it up" sosa slugs two homers to match mcgwire's 62 *steriods? 2
1998 Sep 28 Sports "Mac boogies into the 70s" mcgwire ends season with 70 home runs *steriods?
1998 Nov 8 Main "I feel fine" space shuttle discovery sts-95, oldest astronaut to orbit earth after being first american to orbit earth in 1962
1998 Nov 16 Sports "Earnhardt Jr. wins title, not race" dale earnhardt jr.'s first busch series championship
1999 Jan 14 Sports "End of Jordan Era" chicago bulls' michael jordan announces retirement 2
1999 Feb 1 Sports "Johnny be good" super bowl xxxiii, denver broncos vs atlanta falcons
1999 Feb 1 Sports (Los Angeles Times) "John E. Be Good" super bowl xxxiii, denver broncos vs atlanta falcons
1999 May 3 Sports "ELWAY'S FAREWELL" denver broncos' john elway announces retirement
1999 Jul 10 Sports "Deja vu and perfect, too" new york yankees' david cone throws 14th perfect game in modern mlb history 2
1999 Jul 14 Sports "Ted, Pedro steal show": 70th mlb all-star game
1999 Jul 26 Sports "VIVE LA LANCE!" lance armstrong wins first tour de france *steriods?
1999 Jul 29 Sports "Sanders walks away" detroit lions' barry sanders announces retirement
1999 Aug 28 Main "Farewell to Mir" 13 1/2 years of manned space flight ends 2
1999 Nov 2 Sports "SWEETNESS" walter payton passed away
1999 Nov 9 Sports "Brees says he will return to Purdue for senior season"
1999 Dec 31 "100 YEARS OF HISTORY" last day of the century 10
1999/2000 "2000 is a splash!" LIMITED MILLENNIUM EDITIONS dec 31 1999 and jan 1 2000, includes certificate of authenticity No. 44784, 44785, 44786, 44787, 44789 5
1999/2000 (USA TODAY) "2000 and counting" SPECIAL EDITION MILLENNIUM
2000 Jan 31 Sports 0:00, MY!" super bowl xxxiv, st. louis rams vs tennessee titans
2000 Jul 12 Sports "Jeter's hits, run provide AL cushion" 71st mlb all-star game
2000 Jul 24 Sports "THE GRANDEST SLAM" tiger woods is the youngest golfer to win the career grand slam and completed it faster
2001 Jan 29 Sports "RAVENOUS" super bowl xxxv, baltimore ravens vs new york giants
2001 Feb 4 Sports "X-STINK?" xfl debuts in las vegas 2
2001 Feb 19 Main, Sports "RACING GREAT KILLED AT DAYTONA" / "NASCAR has lost its greatest" dale earnhardt killed on final lap of daytona 500 2
2001 Mar 12 Sports "Rookie Harvick wins Atlanta in Earnhardt's car"
2001 Apr 24 Pages "San Diego-made pilotless plane sets distance record" global hawk surveillance aircraft flys 7267 miles nonstop
2001 Jun 19 Sports (The Washington Post) "Cal Makes Final Call" baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr. announces retirement
2001 Jul 11 Sports "CURTAIN CAL" baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr. named all-star game mvp
2001 Aug 23 Pages "3 return to Earth wobbly, but well" space shuttle discovery sts-105
2001 Sep 1 Sports "Bush leads No. 1 Highlanders in rout of Warriors" san diego helix high schools' alex smith and reggie bush
2001 Sep 9 Pages AD "Something is falling from the sky. It's the signal of the future. The sound of ..." xm satellite radio coming 9/12/2001
2001 Sep 11 EXTRA "DEVASTATION Thousands feared dead as terrorist attacks hit New York, Washington, and spread fear across U.S." 2
2001 Sep 12 "NATION IN ANGUISH Thousands feared dead after terrorists crash hijacked jets into World Trade Center, Pentagon"
2001 Sep 13 Sports "Games on Hold" two days after 9/11
2001 Sep 17 Sports "Play Ball" mlb teams will have american flags stitched on jerseys and caps
2001 Sep 23 Special (Sarasota Herald-Tribune) "September 11, 2001 In a single day, freedom itself came under attack" COMMEMORATIVE EDITION
2001 Sep 30 Special (The Washington Post) "IRON MAN" COMMEMORATIVE SECTION baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr.
2001 Oct 2 Sports "Bush may be Helix's best ever" helix high junior reggie bush *tony gwynn's last game at qualcomm stadium
2001 Oct 6 "71...72 BONDS SMASHES RECORD" barry bonds breaks single-season home run record *steriods? 4
2001 Oct 8 Main "U.S LASHES BACK" american and british forces strike afghanistan in response to 9/11
2001 Nov 5 Sports "DIAMOND KINGS" arizona diamondbacks are world series champions, defeat new york yankees
2002 Feb 4 Sports "LAS-MINUTE MEN" superbowl xxxvi, new england patriots vs st. louis rams
2002 Mar 7 Main "We Have A Heartbeat" space shuttle columbia sts-109, hubble space telescope repaired
2002 Apr 2 Sports "IT'S MERRYLAND!" maryland wins its first ncaa championship
2002 Apr 16 Sports "MENDED DREAMS Rancho Bernardo hurler appears to be back from broken arm" cole hamels in high school
2002 Apr 29 Sports "VJJ Day for El Cajon kid" first winston cup win for jimmie johnson
2002 Aug 20 Sports "Let the Brees era begin" second year qb drew brees will start next game for the san diego chargers
2002 Aug 23 Sports "Brees has a friend in Flutie" drew brees' first game as starting quarterback
2002 Sep 9 Sports "D-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-N-G" drew brees started his first professional game
2002 Sep 11 U.S. placed on heightened alert" 9/11 one year later
2002 Sep 12 Sports "Goodbye, Johnny U." johnny unitas passed away
2002 Oct 28 Sports "FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE" world series, anaheim angels vs san francisco ghiants, angels first title in 42 years 2
2002 Dec 13 Sports "High school phenom Lebron James doesn't disappoint in national TV debut"
2003 Feb 2 "COLUMBIA LOST" space shuttle columbia sts-107 lost, seven astronauts perish just 16 minutes from home 2
2003 Feb 2 Main "SHOCK AND GRIEF" space shuttle columbia sts-107 lost, seven astronauts perish just 16 minutes from home
2003 Mar 20 "U.S. STRIKES IRAQ" united states launches attack to disarm hussein 2
2003 Apr 10 "TOPPLED" baghdad falls
2003 Apr 17 Sports "His Airness takes a seat as Wizards lose his finale" washington wizards' michael jordan announces retirement 2
2003 Apr 26 Sports "Prep star James declares for draft"
2003 Jun 3 Sports *A "Keeping up with Jones' pitches not easy" morse high schools' pitcher adam jones
2003 Jun 27 Sports "Throne to the Cavs" cleveland cavaliers select lebron james with number 1 pick
2003 Jul 9 Sports "James Dazzling in summer league debut" lebron james' pro debut
2003 Jul 16 Sports "HOMERIN' HANK" 74th mlb all-star game
2003 Jul 31 Main "After 70 years, curtain falls on Beatlemania" the last volkswagen beetle No. 21,529,464 rolled off a puebla, mexico production line
2003 Oct 26 Sports "TROPHY FINISH" world series, florida marlins vs new york yankees
2003 Oct 30 Sports "James dazzles, but can't carry Cavs" lebron james scores 25 points in first regular-season game of his career 4
2003 Dec 15 "We got him" saddam hussein captured 4
2004 Jan 4 Main "Spirit of success: Rover lands on Mars"
2004 Jan 5 Main "Spirit gets an eyeful" mars rover spirit raised an ear to earth and took a look around
2004 Jan 13 Main "Spirit's panoramic picture" first 360-degree color picture of mars terrain
2004 Jan 16 Main "Rover finally dirty" mars rover spirit rolls onto planet's surface
2004 Feb 2 Sports "Vin-dication"super bowl xxxviii, new england patriots vs carolina panthers
2004 May 19 Sports "Perfect 6-10" arizona diamondbacks' randy johnson becomes oldest pitcher to retire 27 straight
2004 Jun 6 Main "The Great Communicator" army veteran, hollywood actor, 33rd governor of california, 40th president ronald reagan passed away
2004 Jul 14 Sports "ROGER OVER, OUT" 75th mlb all-star game
2004 Sep 28 Main "Ticketed for space: Passenger rocket planned" richard branson's virgin galactic
2004 Oct 3 Sports "Baseball in D.C. wasn't always worth watching, yet Expos' move gives Washington another major league at-bat" this week's announcement that the montreal expos will move to washington, d.c., in time for the 2005 season
2004 Oct 5 "$10 MILLION SPACE SHOT" scaled composites becomes first non-government organization to launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks winning the $10 million ansari x prize
2004 Oct 28 Sports "WE'VE GOT YOU, BABE" world series, boston red sox vs st. louis cardinals, boston's first title since 1918
2005 Feb 7 Sports "Ring Dynasty" super bowl xxxix, new england patriots vs philadelphia eagles
2005 Mar 4 Main "SOLO NONSTOP FLIGHT AROUND THE WORLD IN 67 HOURS, 2 MINUTES" globalflyer first to fly solo around the world without refueling
2005 Apr 15 Sports "D.C. inauguration elation" mlb returns to washington d.c., montreal expos became washington nationals
2005 Apr 24 Sports 2005 NFL DRAFT # 1 alex smith, #24 aaron rodgers
2005 May 22 San Diego "Down the ways" nassco launches lead ship of her namesake class *have program
2005 Jul 13 Sports "Call it the AL-Star Game" 76th mlb all-star game
2005 Jul 25 Sports "MAGNIFIQUE SEVEN" lance armstrong wins seventh tour de france *steriods? 4
2005 Jul 26 Main "Despite worries, hopes high as Discovery nears liftoff" space shuttle discovery sts-114 will launch today on first flight since space shuttle columbia lost
2005 Jul 27 Main "Discovery lifts off; tiny debris observed" space shuttle discovery sts-114 lifts off on first flight since space shuttle columbia lost
2005 Aug 10 Main "BACK FROM SPACE" space shuttle discovery sts-114 returns from space
2006 Feb 6 Sports "Coming up XL" super bowl xl, pittsburgh steelers vs seattle seahawks 2
2006 Mar 2 Sports inaugural mlb world baseball classic starts today
2007 Dec 10 Pages "For NASA, moon base to be 'pay as you go'" space shuttle discovery sts-116 lifts off
2006 Dec 30 Main "HUSSEIN HANGED"
2007 Feb 5 Sports "Singin' Indy reign" super bowl xli, indianapolis colts vs chicago bears
2007 Aug 9 Pages "'On the wings of a legacy'" space shuttle endeavour sts-118 lifts off with former teacher
2008 Feb 4 Sports "18-1 and done" super bowl xlii, new york giants vs new england patriots
2009 Jan 20 (St. Petersburg Times) "INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT OBAMA"
2010 Jun 9 (The Baltimore Sun) "BELIEVE THE HYPE" mlb pitcher stephen strasburg strikes out 14 in 7 innings in major league debut 3
2020 May 31 "IN A FIRST, SPACEX LIFTS NASA ASTRONAUTS INTO ORBIT" first astronauts to liftoff from u.s. soil since space shuttle in 2011 2 JPG
2020 Nov 16 "SPACEX LAUNCHES CREW TO SPACE STATION" first full-fledged taxi flight for nasa by a private company JPG
2020 Nov 18 JPG


All newspapers are from San Diego unless noted and if no section showing I have the entire paper. If Main and Sports, both headlines will be shown.

1982 Nov 11 Sports "Padres Bucking 3 NL Rivals, $$$$$ In Bid For Garvey"
1984 Sep 21 Sports "Padres clinch West Division crown" first nl west championship
1984 Oct 2 Special '84 Playoff Preview
1984 Oct 3 Sports "Cub busters bash Padres in 13-0 opener" game 1 nlcs championship series
1984 Oct 4 Sports "Cubs dig 2-0 hole for Padres" game 2
1984 Oct 5 Sports "Padres knock wind out of Chicago" game 3
1984 Oct 7 Sports "Garvey's blast makes Padres' magic number 1" game 4
1984 Oct 8 Main, Sports "Dreams Can Come True - Padres win flag for Kroc; series opens tomorrow" / "The Padres win the pennant" JPG
1984 Oct 8 Main, Sports (The Tribune - San Diego) "Look out, Detroit - Here come the Padres" / "Yes, we believe!" JPG
1984 Oct 9 Special '84 World Series
1984 Oct 10 Sports "Padres edged in World Series debut" detroit tigers defeated the san diego padres 3-2
1984 Oct 11 Sports "Bevacqua, bullpen mow down Tigers" san diego padres defeated the detroit tigers 5-3
1984 Oct 13 Sports "Another bad start; Tigers take 2-1 lead" detroit tigers defeated the san diego padres 5-2
1984 Oct 14 Sports "Trammell's 2 homers push Padres to edge" detroit tigers defeated the san diego padres 4-2
1984 Oct 15 Sports "Tigers take the fifth to deny Padres" detroit tigers defeated the san diego padres 8-4, win series 4-1
1985 Apr 9 Sports 1985 Baseball Report "A true 'World' Series" toronto blue jays picked to meet san diego padres in october
1985 Apr 16 "Pandemonium reigns anew as Padres win opener, 8-3"
1985 Jul 17 Sports "Padres provide National power, 6-1" san diego padres' lamarr hoyt wins mvp
1987 Mar 27 Sports (Reno Gazette-Journal) "Kroc agrees to sell Padres"
1988 Apr 4 Special Baseball Preview 1988
1989 Nov 15 Sports "Davis is rewarded, receives Cy Young - It's a landslide for Padres star"
1991 Apr 9 Special Baseball Preview 1991 off-season trade for fred mcgriff and tony fernandez
1992 Jul 10 Special "ALL-STAR SPECIAL" san diego's first mlb all-star game
1992 Jul 15 Sports "Adios, Yuma Caballeros; Padres set to play in Peoria in '94" section also covers 63rd all-star game in san diego *have program
1993 Jun 25 Sports *A "Fire sale burns fans" san diego padres trade gary sheffield to the florida marlins and receive trevor hoffman
1993 Aug 7 Sports "2,001: A Gwynn Odyssey" san diego padres' tony gwynn gets hit number 2000
1994 Dec 29 Main, Sports "The Padres' big deal" / "Wow! what a trade" phil plantier, derek bell, craig shipley, ricky gutierrez, pedro martinez, doug brocail traded to houston astros, san diego padres get ken caminiti, andujar cedeno, brian williams, roberto petagine, steve finley
1995 Dec 30 Sports "Padres sign Rickey Henderson"
1996 Mar 29 Special Baseball Preview 1996
1996 Aug 17 Sports "¡Ole! Fernando too much for Mets" san diego padres win first mlb regular-season game played outside the united states 2
1996 Sep 29 Main, Sports "A win away" / "FINALLY, IN THE PLAYOFFS AGAIN" pennant race
1996 Sep 30 "We're first, at last" san diego padres win first division title in 12 years 2
1996 Sep 30 Main, Sports "Believe it!" / "How Sweep It Is" san diego padres win first division title in 12 years
1996 Oct 2 Sports "IT'S A ONE-PUNCH KNOCKOUT" st. louis cardinals defeated the san diego padres 3-1
1996 Oct 4 Sports "ST. LOUIS IS FOR THE BIRDS" st. louis cardinals defeated the san diego padres 5-4
1996 Oct 6 Sports "SWEEP THE FAITH" st. louis cardinals defeated the san diego padres 7-5 2
1996 Nov 14 Sports "No surprise: It's Caminiti --- and it's unanimous" san diego padres' ken caminiti wins mvp
1997 Nov 16 Main "DREAMS OF A FIELD" four possible locations for a new baseball only ballpark
1997 Dec 16 Sports "Brown in vogue again for Padres" san diego padres acquire kevin brown from the florida marlins
1998 Mar 30 Special Baseball Preview 1998
1998 Sep 13 Main, Sports "BEST IN THE WEST!" / "Padres hoist the flag" 1998 nl west champions 2
1998 Sep 30 Sports "KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKevin!" san diego padres defeated the houston astros 2-1 2
1998 Oct 2 Sports "A ninth to remember" houston astros defeated the san diego padres 5-4
1998 Oct 4 Sports "Saturday night fever" san diego padres defeated the houston astros 2-1 3
1998 Oct 5 Sports "On to Atlanta" san diego padres defeated the houston astros 6-1, win series 3-1
1998 Oct 8 Sports "Gone, with a win" san diego padres defeated the atlanta braves 3-2
1998 Oct 9 Sports "Sweet Georgia Brown" san diego padres defeated the atlanta braves 3-0 2
1998 Oct 11 Sports "Chopped down" san diego padres defeated the atlanta braves 4-1 2
1998 Oct 15 Main "Bubbling over" san diego padres defeated the atlanta braves 5-0, win series 4-2 JPG
1998 Oct 17 Special "Worlds apart" fall classic padres vs. yankees 94th world series
1999 Jun 11 Sports *A "Hoffman's 200th something to build on" san diego padres' trevor hoffman gets save number 200
1999 Aug 7 "3,000 CHEERS" san diego padres' tony gwynn gets hit 3000 5
1999 Aug 8 Special "3,000" san diego padres' tony gwynn and inlcudes his hit list 2
2001 Apr 26 Sports "On historic night, Padres lose for 9th time in last 10" san diego padres' rickey henderson becomes mlb all-time leader in walks (2063)
2001 Jun 29 Main, Sports "I miss the game already" / "Final Swing" san diego padres' tony gwynn announces retirement ,2
2001 Aug 6 Sports "Imposing Winfield makes it official" dave winfied becomes first ballplayer to officially enter the hall of fame as a san diego padre
2001 Oct 4 Sports "Rickey scores Ty-tying run" san diego padres' rickey henderson ties ty cobb's mlb record for runs scored
2001 Oct 5 Main, Sports "RICKEY RUNS PAST TY COBB" / "IT'S A TY-BREAKER" san diego padres' rickey henderson sets all-time mark for runs scored
2003 Sep 27 Sports "Odd start to the big finish" san diego padres last weekend at the q 2
2003 Sep 29 Main, Sports "THE LAST AT-BAT" san diego padres play last game at the q
2004 Apr 4 Main, Sports, Special "Seven years after the first pitch ... it's time to play ball" / "Out in Left Field" 36,594 attend first exhibition game at san diego's petco park
2004 Apr 9 Main, Special "A DAZZLING DEBUT, FINISH" / "Western Mettle" 41,400 attend first regular-season game at san diego's petco park
2005 Apr 3 Special Baseball Preview 2005
2005 May 7 Sports *A "BELLWETHER" san diego padres' trevor hoffman gets save number 400
2005 Jun 1 Sports "Another way to win" san diego padres were 22-6 in may for the winningest month in franchise history
2005 Sep 29 Sports "FEELING BUBBLY" san diego padres are nl west champions
2006 Sep 24 Sports *A "TREVOR'S TIME" san diego padres' trevor hoffman records 478th save
2006 Sep 25 *A "THE ACE OF SAVES" san diego padres' trevor hoffman records 479th save becoming mlb all-time saves leader 2
2007 Jan 10 Main, Sports "GWYNN IS IN" / "The masterstroke" san diego padres' tony gwynn elected to mlb hall of fame
2007 Apr 1 Special Baseball Preview 2007
2007 Jun 7 Sports *A "Ring up No. 500" san diego padres' trevor hoffman gets save number 500
2007 Jul 29 Special "Welcome to Cooperstown" san diego padres' tony gwynn
2007 Jul 30 Main, Special "THE PADRE WAY TO IMMORTALITY" / "San Diego's finest" san diego padres' tony gwynn and baltimore orioles' cal ripken jr. enshrined in the mlb hall of fame
2018 Jul 30 *A "TREVOR'S TIME OF A LIFETIME" / "Hall of a day for San Diego" san diego padres' trevor hoffman enshrined in the mlb hall of fame
2022 Aug 2 "PADRES ACQUIRE BEST CLOSER IN BASEBALL san diego padres acquire josh hader from the milwaukee brewers
2022 Aug 3 "BIG SWING" / "SOTO!" san diego padres acquire juan soto and josh bell from the washington nationals 2


All newspapers are from San Diego unless noted and if no section showing I have the entire paper. If Main and Sports, both headlines will be shown.

1988 Mar 25 Main, Sports "Fouts ends special Charger era" / "Fouts leaves behind memories of a glorious era" san diego chargers' dan fouts announces retirement
1994 Dec 25 Sports "Chargers say hello to bye" san diego chargers earn first-round playoff bye
1995 Jan 9 Main, Sports "ON TO PITTSBURGH!" / "ALL RIGHT!" san diego chargers will play in the afc championship game
1995 Jan 16 "SUPER BOLTS!" san diego chargers will play in super bowl 3
1995 Jan 29 "It's show time" super bowl xxix
1995 Jan 30 "NOT THIS YEAR" san francisco 49ers defeat san diego chargers 49-26
1998 Mar 13 Sports "Chargers pull off deal for QB" san diego chargers trade up to second pick in upcoming draft
1998 Apr 18 Sports "Which QB will it be?" nfl draft day
1998 Apr 19 Main, Sports "The Chargers draft their quarterback and hope to turn over a new leaf" / "New era, old news" san diego chargers draft ryan leaf
1998 Jul 26 Sports "Leaf cleans up: $31.25 million"
1999 Nov 3 Sports "Chargers suspend Leaf"
2001 Mar 1 Sports "SACKED!" san diego chargers release ryan leaf
2001 Apr 20 Sports "QUARTERBACK OPTION Run with Vick, or pass?" san diego chargers upcoming draft decision
2001 Apr 21 Sports "CHARGERS CALL AUDIBLE" san diego chargers trade number 1 spot to atlanta falcons for number 5 2
2001 Apr 22 Sports "THE DAILY DOUBLE" san diego chargers draft ladainian tomlinson and drew brees 2
2003 Aug 6 Sports "THIS TIGHT END CAN POST UP" san diego chargers' rookie antonio gates trying to make the team 2
2003 Dec 29 Sports "WIN-WIN SUNDAY" san diego chargers' ladainian tomlinson becomes first nfl player to catch 100 passes and run for at least 1000 yards in a season 5
2004 Jan 25 Sports "Rivers carries South to victory" nation's top-rated passer, philip rivers, selected offensive mvp
2004 Apr 22 Sports "Manning to Bolts: Don't draft me" san diego chargers upcoming draft decision
2004 Apr 23 Sports "Playing chicken" eli manning ultimatum
2004 Apr 24 Sports "Stare-down" eli manning willing to sit out the season if selected by san diego chargers 2
2004 Apr 25 Main, Sports "Big switcheroo" / "NYQB Exchange" san diego chargers draft eli manning and trade to new york giants for philip rivers
2004 Aug 24 Sports "Rivers agrees to six-year deal"
2004 Aug 25 Sports "QB of future finally part of picture" san diego chargers' philip rivers first official practice
2004 Aug 28 Sports "Rivers runs hot, cold" san diego chargers' philip rivers loses unofficial pro debut
2004 Sep 28 Sports "Rivers is new No. 2" san diego chargers' philip rivers will backup drew brees
2006 Nov 20 Main, Sports "LEADER OF THE PACK" / "RALLY JUNKIES" san diego chargers' ladainian tomlinson becomes the nfl's fastest to reach 100 touchdowns
2006 Dec 11 Main, Sports "Memorable run for LT, Chargers" / "DEED AND TITLE" san diego chargers' ladainian tomlinson sets nfl single-season record with 29 touchdowns 2
2006 Dec 18 Main, Sports "THE UNTOUCHABLES" / "FOLLOW THE LEADER" san diego chargers' ladainian tomlinson breaks 46-year-old record for most points in a season
2007 Jan 5 Sports "LT scores again -- MVP" san diego chargers' ladainian tomlinson wins nfl mvp award


1991 Nov 14 Presenting the Baseball Weekly 9: Our selections of the people whose achievements had the greatest impact on baseball in 1991
1998 Apr 8-14 "Baseballs Tobacco War" A new report says 59% of players who volunteered to be tested had tobacco-related mouth lesions. That's why users such as Phillies ace Curt Schilling are fighting hard to quit. Philadelphia Phillies' Curt Schilling
1998 Apr 22-28 "Stormy weather" Can Seattle right its ship despite leaky bullpen? Seattle Mariners' Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr.
1998 Jun 24-30 "The Hottest ticket in town" Mets-Yankees series has New York fans at fever pitch New York Yankees' David Cone, New York Mets' Mike Piazza
1998 Jul 1-8 "Home run Heroes - Secrets of their success" COLORADO ROCKIES ALL-STAR GAME PREVIEW St. Louis Cardinals' Mark McGwire
1998 Oct 7-13 "Pitching for the pennant" LEAGUE CHAMPIUONSHIP PREVIEW San Diego Padres' Kevin Brown 3
1999 May 19-25 "Our Under-25 All-Star Team" Alex Rodriquez leads the new generation of stars. How many can you name? Seattle Mariners' Alex Rodriquez
1999 Jun 2-8 "BIG INNINGS MADNESS" With pitching rotations and bullpens reeling, scoring is out of control. And even steady hands like Tom Glavine are feeling the effect. Atlanta Braves' Tom Glavine
1999 Aug 11-17 "3,000!" Tony Gwynn gets into the history books with a historic hit San Diego Padres' Tony Gwynn 3
2000 Apr 12-18 "Making noise in Cincy" Reporter Bob Nightengale's GRIFFEY DIARY from week one with the Reds Cincinnati Reds' Ken Griffey Jr.
2000 May 10-16 "Move over, Mac" Inspired play by Jim Edmonds has made the Cardinals more than just The Mark McGwire Show St. Louis Cardinals' Jim Edmonds
2000 May 24-30 "THE LATE BLOOMERS" Sometimes talent just needs time or a chance. Just ask San Diego's Phil Nevin, Boston's Carl Everett and Brian Daubach, and Milwaukee's Jeromy Burnitz San Diego Padres' Phil Nevin
2000 May 31-Jun 6 "Bravo Braves" Comeback star Andres Galarraga and super phenom Rafael Furcal fuel Atlanta's spectacular start Atlanta Braves' Andres Galarraga, Rafael Furcal
2000 Jul 6-12 ALL-STAR PREVIEW Arizona Diamondbacks' Randy Johnson
2000 Aug 16-22 "To live and thrive in L.A." A more mature Gary Sheffield is putting up MVO numbers, but he's still searching for respect Los Angeles Dodgers' Gary Sheffield
2000 Aug 23-29 "The Truth according to Vladimir" Quiet superstar Vladimir Guerrero sets the record straight in an exclusive interview Montreal Expos' Vladimir Guerrero
2001 Jul 25-31 "SURVIVORS" They've battled devastating injuries, internal strife and -- as always -- the curse. So how in the world are the Red Sox winning? Boston Red Sox' Nomar Garciaparra, David Cone, Manny Ramirez
2001 Aug 15-21 "Dodger MAGIC" Beat up L.A. writes surprising script to stay in the thick of the playoff race Los Angeles Dodgers' Paul LoDuca, Shawn Green, Chan Ho Park
2002 Jul 3-10 2002 ALL-STAR PREVEW Chicago Cubs' Sammy Sosa
2002 Jul 11-16 "TED WILLIAMS" 1918-2002 Boston Red Sox' Ted Williams
2002 Jul 31-Aug 6 "For the Love of the Game" Even a strike threat can't keep these great stories from grabbing our attention Texas Rangers' Alex Rodriguez, Cincinnati Reds' Adam Dunn, Oakland Athletics' Barry Zito
2003 Mar 12-18 "He's not superhuman, but in your draft he might as well be"
2003 Mar 26-Apr 1 "Joe Torre will lean on Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui for the only acceptable outcome -- a World Series championship"
2003 Jun 18-24 "The Steelers' linebackers star in our NFL Player Rankings, evoking memories of their 1970s predecessors"
2003 Jul 2-8 "He's no Broadway Joe, but Chad Pennington knows his way to the end zone" 2
2003 Sep 24-30 "Patrick Ramsey has the Redskins' offense on the move -- for now"
2003 Nov 5-11 "Fumble-prone Ahman Green carries the Packers' hopes in his hands"
2003 Nov 19-25 "Receiver Steve Smith channels his intensity into on-field success for the Panthers"
2004 Jun 9-15 "Ravens' Kyle Boller learns the game from the man who tutored John Elway"
2004 Jul 21-27 "Randy Moss looks to continue his success after a career year"
2004 Oct 6-12 MLB Division Series Preview
2005 Jan 5-11 NFL Playoff Preview


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1918 Aug Pictoral Review
1918 Dec Woman's Home Companion JPG
1919 Feb The Ladies' Home Journal
1919 May 17 The Saturday Evening Post ads: Campbell's Soup $.12 a can ~ Hupmobile 'The Comfort Car' ~ current Paramount movie, John Barrymore in 'The Test of Honor' ~ 3-In-One Oil JPG
1919 Jun 14 The Saturday Evening Post ads: Hudson Super-Six $1975.00 ~ Brown Beauty Beans ~ The Franklin Car 20mpg ~ Mennen's Shaving Cream, a giant tube $.50
1919 Jul McCall's Magazine
1920 Jan 10 The Saturday Evening Post ads: Regal cloth hats $3.00 to $5.00 ~ Touraine Almond Bar ~ The Eden Washing Machine ~ Prophylactic Tooth Brush ~ Swift's Premium Bacon in a sealed glass jar JPG
1920 Nov 27 The Saturday Evening Post ads: Columbia Grafonola Models up to $300.00 ~ Velie Six Model 34 with cord tires $1385.00 ~ The Simplex Ironer JPG
1921 Mar 26 The Saturday Evening Post ads: Campbell's Soup $.15 a can ~ Packard Trucks ~ Johns-Manville asbestos products JPG