NEWSPAPERS covering over 300 major events from 1976 to present. CLICK HERE to view a list with dates and headlines.


Over 180 PROGRAMS and MEDIA GUIDES, from ship launchings, Navy and Air Force air shows, major sporting events, and more. CLICK HERE to view a list with dates, event, and cover subject.


San Diego based airline 1949-1988. Memorabilia included inflight magazines, system timetables, and numerous miscellaneous items. CLICK HERE to view a list. In 2018, I donated my entire collection to the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Items were added to the 75+ boxes of their existing material supporting their permanent PSA exhibit.

Over the years I've also been giving away my collection of 'other airline' memorabilia; let me know if you have any interest in an item from Air Resorts, American, America West, Continental, Golden West, LTU, Muse Air, People Express, or USAir.


Ticket stubs from almost every event I've attended since HS, along with numerous unused tickets. List or pictures coming soon.


Paper money and/or coins from Africa, Australia, Canada, China, Fiji, Germany, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Ireland, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Martinique, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Seychelles, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States.


Military memorabilia acquired after my father's passing in 2008, along with items from his service in the Army, and my service in the Navy.

  • 1914-1918 World War I Shaving Mirror
  • 1914-1918 World War I Handkerchief
  • 1942 Australian Pattern 1907 Bayonet with Leather Scabbard
  • 21 May 1945 World War II Individual Protective Cover
  • Armed Forces Special Weapons Project Patch -agency active 1 January 1947 to 6 May 1959
  • 1951 Footlocker -issued to my father in Sendai, Japan
  • August 1975 U.S. Navy "Bluejacket's Manual" -issued at boot camp Great Lakes, IL
  • 1991 Hershey Desert Bar -from Desert Storm
  • 2003 Most Wanted Iraqi Playing Cards
  • 1 October 2003 USS Anchorage LSD36 Decommissioning Program -with invitation and welcome aboard pamphlet
  • Miscellaneous
  • 1824 "Regulations for the Exercise of Rifleman and Light Infantry" Book
  • 1863 "Army Regulations" Book
  • 1917 "The United States Navy From The Revolution to Date" Book
  • 1919 "Navy Song Book"
  • 1941 New Testament Psalms by Gideons for the U.S. military
  • 1943 New Testament Roman Catholic Version Presented by The Army of the United States
  • 1943 "What You Should Know About The Signal Corps" Book *First Edition
  • Service Dog Tags -0000 and 1975
  • Service Issued Duffel Bags -0000 and 1975
  • USS Anchorage LPD23 Medallions (2)
  • Ziploc with patches, pins, and medals list/pictures coming.


Books were acquired after my father's passing in 2008. Main collection will be added to this list soon.

  • 1813 - Infantry Discipline -available
  • 1848 - War of 1812 Mexican War -might be available
  • 1856 - The New World Embracing American History -available
  • 1861 - Gillman's Manual for Volunteers & Militia -might be available
  • 1870 - Heroes of Three Wars -might be available
  • 1881 - The Album Writer's Friend by J.S. Ogilvie -might be available
  • 1887 - The Volunteer Soldier of America -might be available
  • 1889 - The Story of The American Soldier -might be available
  • 1892 - Sword & Pen -might be available
  • 1896 - Explosives And Their Power -might be available